The primary goal of the organization known as “Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake” is to work tirelessly, honestly, and proudly toward the repair of the dam at Meadow Grounds Lake and toward the restoration of the lake to its former pristine and non-commercial glory.

We are a non-profit corporation, and hold 501c3 federal tax exempt status.

The Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake Board of Directors:
Scott Alexander
Cyndi Carbaugh (Treasurer)
Ed Carbaugh (Vice-President)
Anthony D'Anna (President)
Irvin Dasher
Joy Dasher
Dick Drawbaugh
Johnny Greathead
Lin Henry
Troy Hollinshead
Dayton Tweedy (Secretary)
Kimbra Tweedy 

Meadow Grounds Lake was completed in 1965 and is a 204-acre reservoir located within State Game Lands 53 in Fulton County, Pennsylvania. The dam and lake areas are leased to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The dam was designed and built by the PFBC and construction of the dam was complete in June 1964. As the permit holder for the Meadow Grounds Dam the PFBC is responsible for its safe operation and maintenance. Meadow Grounds Dam is categorized by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) as a High Hazard (Category 1), size class B structure. The drainage area of the dam’s watershed is 3.2 square miles on Roaring Run. The zoned earth embankment creates a 204 acre reservoir and at normal pool stores 3130 (acre-feet) of water. A normal pool elevation of 1495.3’ is maintained throughout the year via the principal and auxiliary spillways. The zoned earth fill dam is 39 feet in height and 530 feet long. The auxiliary spillway at Meadow Grounds Dam is a trapezoidal-shaped concrete chute cut into rock though a natural saddle about 200 feet to the right of the dams right abutment. The spillway is provided with a 67 foot long trapezoidal-shaped weir that discharges into a concrete lined stilling basin and then into a riprap lined earth channel.

The PA Fish and Boat Commission is working toward the restoration of the dam and spillway.  Those repairs are expected to cost approximately $3-4 Million.  Locally we have raised over $100,000.