The Restoration of Meadow Grounds Lake

Current Update:


Steps in the process:

Where are we?

1. Organize a steering committee.

Completed April, 2013

2. Form a non-profit organization and hold an organizational meeting for Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake.

Completed June, 2013

3. Geotechnical study including core samples of the dam.

Completed by the URS Corporation for the PA Fish and Boat Commission, October, 2014

4. Receive 501c3 Federal tax-exempt status.

Completed August 2014

5. Raise $100,000 for the local funds for the repair of the dam and spillway.

Completed November, 2014. Any funds raised after this point will be used for improvements to the habitat.

6. Design and attain permits for the repairs.
(Estimated cost, $400,000 to come from the PA Fish and Boat Commission budget).

In progress: the Office of General Services is calling for bids. The design firm is expected to be named in late summer/early fall, 2015. The design/permitting process is estimated at approximately one year.

7. Clear the Jarrett Trail from above the lake to the waterfall.

Completed April, 2015

8. Funds released for the repair and construction phase by the Governor.

In progress: the PA Fish and Boat Commission, Senator Eichelberger, and Representative Topper are negotiating the release of funds.

9. Repairs to the road to Meadow Grounds Lake (provided by a grant by the Fulton County Conservation District and the PA Game Commission).

Planned for late summer, 2015

10. Improve access to the waterfall by installing bridges.

Planned for fall, 2015

11. Construction of the dam repairs and spillway. (Estimated cost, $3.6 to $4 million).

Estimated 1-2 years after design is completed.

12. Refill and Restock Meadow Grounds Lake

Estimated 6 months after repairs are completed.

Revised 06/11/15