We need to raise $100,000 for our local contribution to the process of restoring Meadow Grounds Lake. At the April 28th Board of Directors meeting, we will be kicking off our fundraising campaign. In the next month, we will be setting up a donate tab for our website. We are ready to accept donations for the local match.


Please send donations to:

Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake

PO Box 84

McConnellsburg, PA 17233


If you plan to deduct your donation from your taxes, make out the check to Fulton County Conservation District, with a memo for Meadow Grounds Lake Fund.


If your donation does not need to be tax deductable, you can make out the check to Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake. We are incorporated as a non-profit corporation, but the IRS is still processessing our federal Tax Exempt (501c3) status.


Either way, your donation will go toward the restoration of Meadow Grounds Lake.


We have no doubt that our lake will be restored. We just need to work through the steps to make it happen.


Thank you!



Here is where we are in the process:

The first phase of the restoration, the geotechnical study, was completed in October, 2013.  The cost of approximately $62,000 was paid by the PA Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC).  The report on that study is expected to be released by the end of March.

The second phase, the design, is expected to take approcimately a year.  The PFBC has allocated the $400,000 cost from their budget.  We will know more details as information from the geotechnical report becomes available.

The next phase is the actual repairs to the dam.  The cost is estimated around $4 million.  The funding will be a combination of money from the Capital Budget, the PFBC, and local funds.  Senator Eichelberger estimated $100,000 in local funds will be needed.  

The Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake will be implementing a fundraising campaign. We are in the planning and organizational stage now, because we are determined to do it right.  Details will be released in the next month.

We thank Senator John Eichelberger, Representative Jesse Topper, and Senator Richard Alloway for their efforts to secure the funding for the restoration of the lake.

Representative Jesse Topper (78th District) is joining Senator John Eichelberger at our February 24 Board of Directors meeting.  Come out and hear about the status of the restoration and the next steps going forward.  We are moving in the right direction!



Dayton Tweedy accepting a donation from Conway Bushey of Conococheague Audubon



Dayton Tweedy accepting a donation from Conway Bushey of Conococheague Audubon.

On Monday, January 23, Conococheague Audubon presented Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake with a generous donation of $500 toward the restoration of the lake. Thank you, Conococheague Audubon!


The geotechnical study is well under way.  Core samples have been taken, and now we are just waiting for the report.  As soon as the report has been released, we will post more information on the results.  We expect the report due by January.


The Fulton Fall Folk Festival was an amazing success!  Our entire supply of Christmas ornaments sold out in 3 days, and people signed over 2500 post cards!  The best part for me was talking to old friends and meeting new people.  I loved hearing the many fascinating stories about the lake.


Excellent news!  The first steps in restoring Meadow Grounds Lake are happening!  In the meeting with the Fulton County Commissioners, the PA Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC), Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Fulton County Conservation District, and legislators (and their representatives), PFBC stated that they have allocated $80,000 for the geotechnical study, and have sent it out for bids.  This geotechnical study is the first major benchmark in the restoration process.  It is expected to take approximately 4-6 months.  The next step would be the design process, which is estimated to cost $400,000.  Funding has not yet been established for this second step, and we need to stay on our legislators to fund the design.

Thanking the PFBC for getting the ball rolling would be a nice idea as well.  Let's keep this train a-rollin'!