The Board of Directors meeting for July 27 has been cancelled. The next meeting will be August 24 at 6:00 PM at Community State Bank.


The Chicken BBQ at Meadow Grounds Lake was a resounding success! All sold out! Thank you to everyone involved, especially the McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Company.

 *See the new section called Update on the menu on the top of the page.  The progress toward the restoration of the lake can be found there.

On July 11, Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake, in conjunction with McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Company 56, will hold a BBQ chicken sale at Meadow Grounds Lake. We are planning to use any funds raised toward improvements to the Jarrett Trail from Meadow Grounds Lake to the waterfall.  We will provide more details as they develop.


*The May, 2015 Board of Directors meeting has been cancelled.  The next meeting will be Monday, June 22, 2015 at 6:00 PM at Community State Bank.

Saturday, April 25, 2015, Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake will have a booth at the Earth Day Celebration at the Fulton County Library in McConnellsburg from 10-2.  Dayton and Kim Tweedy will be showing some homemade instruments from recycled materials, and Dayton will be singing some Earth Day themed songs. Come and join the fun.


On Saturday, April 11, 2015, Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake and the McConnellsburg Volunteer Fire Company 56 cleared the Jarrett Trail behind Meadow Grounds Lake. Thanks to the PA Game Commission for giving us their permission for this endeavor. While we are waiting for the Fish and Boat Commission to complete their repairs and fill the lake, we are working on projects to enhance the land surrounding Meadow Grounds Lake for people to enjoy.

Thank you to the following people for their hard work and dedication to this lake clean-up project:
Scott Alexander, Andy Carbaugh, Cyndi and Ed Carbaugh, Gregg Connelly, Anthony D'Anna, Jason Gordon, Johnny Greathead, Larry “Pete” Lynch, Zachary Smith, and Dayton Tweedy. A special thank you goes to Sierra and Andy Carbaugh for providing the workers with a delicious lunch afterwards.

Anthony D'Anna, Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake President, deserves commendation for his planning and implementation to make this undertaking such a success!

Please continue to watch this space for other Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake activities planned for this summer.




March 23, 2015

Senator John Eichelberger and Representative Jesse Topper will give us updates on the progress of the restoration of Meadow Grounds Lake.  Everyone is welcome to hear where we are in the process and ask questions.

Due to the winter storm, there will be no Board of Directors meeting on January 26, 2015. Our next scheduled meeting will be on February 23.

Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake has now raised over $100,000!  We have met (and exceeded) our challenge.  We are overwhelmed by the generosity and dedication of everyone who have joined us in our efforts to restore the lake.

Thank you to everyone who has donated and given us assistance in meeting our fundraising goals.  

We are still accepting donations for operating expenses and for future improvement projects for Meadow Grounds Lake.

On November 22, 2014, the McConnellsburg Fire Department and Buchanan Trail Sporters sponsored a Benefit Dinner/Drawing at the American Legion.  The entire night was magical. We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone involved.  

The first day at the Fulton Fall Folk Festival was Fantastic.  Thank you to all of the good people who stopped by and bought items, donated, or just expressed their support.  In addition to the other FOMGL products, we have tickets to the Meadow Grounds Lake Benefit Dinner/Drawing.  The dinner will be November 22 at 6:00 PM at the American Legion.  One ticket is $20, and is good for 2 adults.  Thank you to the McConnellsburg Fire Department and Buchannan Trail Sporters. We also have a fresh supply of the popular DVD featuring Carl Jarrett talking about the beginning of Meadow Grounds Lake.

The 2014 Christmas ornaments have arrived! We will be selling them at the Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake booth under the rainbow in the hallway at the Alumni building during the Fulton Fall Folk Festival, Friday, October 17 through Sunday, October 19. This year's ornaments again have a beautiful photo by Coy Hill. The cost is $12. They are likely to sell out quickly. We will also be selling bumper stickers, t-shirts (only limited sizes left), and DVDs of the beginning of Meadow Grounds Lake, featuring Carl Jarrett. Stop by and hear about our progress in the restoration of Meadow Grounds Lake. Hope to see you there!

Once again, a special thank you to Winn and Inez Eddy at Eddy's Engraving and Gifts for their help with the ornaments project. Stop in and thank them for all they do for Meadow Grounds Lake.

Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake has received our Tax Exempt 501c3 status.  The date of exemption listed on the letter was September 13, 2013.  All donations are tax deductable.  Thank you to Representative Bill Shuster and Constituent Services Field Representative Nancy Bull for their assistance.

In other news, Senator John Eichelberger, Representative Jesse Topper, Senator Rich Alloway, and Representative Mark Keller have sent a letter to Governor Corbett requesting that funds be released for the complete repair of the dam at Meadow Grounds Lake.  The PA Fish and Boat Commission has already dedicated funds for the design study, which is the next phase of the restoration.

Please send tax-deductable donations to:

Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake

PO Box 84

McConnellsburg, PA 17233

Your donation will go toward the restoration of Meadow Grounds Lake.  We have no doubt that our lake will be restored. We just need to work through the steps to make it happen.

*Get your Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake bumper sticker for $5.00 at the following local retailers:

Tickle Your Fancy

McConnellsburg Motor & Implement

Tollgate Auto Parts 

Eddy's Engraving

Towne Framing

Fulton Beverage

Thank you to the following businesses for donating to Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake:
Peck Insurance Agency
Grissinger's Lincoln Way Meat Market
McConnellsburg Motor & Implement
Tollgate Auto Parts
Mamma's Pizza, Mercersburg
Lake Insurance

Thanks to Jack Hendricks for contributing the following history of Meadow Grounds Lake:




How does in happen that there is a Meadow Grounds on which a man made lake can be created?   Where did the ridges we call mountains come from? Why isMeadowGroundsValleyso much higher than the valleys on either side?


Here inFultonCounty, the ridges that form our boundaries to the East and West are composed of hard sandstone.  The layer of rock was originally at the bottom of a warm shallow sea, where sand and mud and seashells built up in layers. 


This was long before dinosaurs came.  It was flat at first, but as the layers of sand, mud, and seashells got thick and heavy it began to sink into the Earth, buckling inward, and wrinkling the original flat layers into a series of ripples.  We live on top of those ripples, because after they sank, they became rock solid under pressure, then began to slowly rise again, and they are rising now and will continue to do so for millions of years.


            The mud and seashells have become the shale and limestone, now under the farms ofFulton’s valleys.  The sand has become sandstone, the hard rock forming our ridges.  Now the wrinkled layers are showing at the surface of the earth, and the water falling from the sky breaks down the rock into soil, which eventually washes away as we use it for our farms and gardens.


            The hard sandstone erodes only a little, the shale and limestone faster, though still slow by human civilization standards!  Thus the ridges have been left standing, supported by the hard sandstone, and the valleys have formed from the softer rock. 


            If you have floated onMeadowGroundsLake, you have seen how the lake is surrounded almost completely by mountain ridges. Those ridges are what is left of a ripple in the layer of hard sandstone.  The hard sandstone has been folded into a canoe-shaped bowl, and as it erodes away, it washes into a central creek that cuts through the narrow valley from north to south.  The creek breaks over the rocks at the south end.


As the Earth pushes upward, the rain and water washes away the surface, and the water, once a huge natural lake, spills over the edge where the Roaring Run dam stands.  Before the dam was built, the water flowed slowly across the valley floor, then spilled and tumbled over the sandstone rocks at the south end, overRoaringRunFalls, into Licking Creek.  The dam moderated this flow between 1963 when it was built, and 2013, when the lake was drained. 


            But during that time before the dam, thick rich soil formed in the floor of this tiny elevated valley, and ancient timber covered much of what became the floor of the lake.  Because the double ridges forming the elevated narrow valley look like one ridge from either side to the East and West, it made a good place to hide horses from the invading Confederate Army in the 1860s. 


            If the dam is rebuilt and maintained, the lake will reform and stay where it is.  But the future is long!  The water tumbling down Roaring Run is eroding the steep gully much faster than the erosion anywhere else inFultonCounty.  Eventually it will carry away the rock over which it flows.  When enough of this happens, the falls will cut through the dam and back into the narrow valley up there, and there will no longer be a lake.  We had better enjoy it while we can…..we have a million years or so before this happens! 


            Geology is complex.  This story has been greatly simplified.  I admit that there is nothing in which I am an expert, but at least it was Geology that caught my attention long ago atPennStateand in which I got my degree.  The ridges atPennState, includingMountNittany, are similar in general structure to those here inFultonCounty.  Whenever I step outside and look around, as I did back then as a student, I marvel at the long slow series of events that has produced this beautiful part of the earth.  We are all lucky to live in such a place!  

At the April 28th Board of Directors meeting, our President Anthony D'Anna outlined the plan for raising the required $100,000.  We are thinking of the process as 5 "faucets," with funds flowing through each.  The goal for each "sink" is an average of $20,000.  The faucets are as follows:
1. Donations via our website and Facebook.  This faucet is open and flowing.   
2. Private and corporate donations.
3. Civic organizations.  If anyone knows of a civic organization that could help us, please send us an email.
4. Grants.  We expect this faucet to pertain to the later phases of our fundraising efforts.
5. Appearances at events such as the Strawberry Festival and Fulton Fall Folk Festival. 
Working together, we will bring our lake back! 

On May 1, 2013 Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake (FOMGL) formally began its fund-raising campaign with the unveiling of a mural that will be used as a visual to indicate the progress toward the goal set by the PA Fish and Game Commission of $100,000 that is to be raised as the publicly supported share of the total cost of the renovation, repair and restoration of Meadow Grounds Lake, located in Fulton County near McConnellsburg. Local artist Dee Henry and Harrisburg resident but native Fulton-Countian David Henry created the work that depicts the lake as it looks today. As donations come in it will be repainted by degrees showing the lake refilling.


President of FOMGL, Anthony D'Anna spoke thanking everyone for their efforts and explaining the approach the organization will be taking to reach the goal which will include approaching individual, corporations and service clubs, grant writing, sale of raffle ticket, T-shirt, etc, and FOMGL volunteer's presents at various local events such as the Fulton Fall Folk Festival. He also thanked a local family which goes by Meadow Grounds Mountain Men for their very generous donation of $10,000. "We are very, very confident that we will have our money a lot sooner than later," D'Anna said. "We have been absolutely blessed as a community."


Senator John Eichelberger R Hollidaysburg and Representative Jesse Topper R Bedford were on hand for the unveiling as well as Fulton County Commissioners, Representative from the Susquehanna Bank who agreed to have the mural erected on their property. There was a turn-out of about 30 people.


The lake was drained about a year ago when the dam was flagged as unsafe in the event of a catastrophic storm. An engineering study was recently submitted to the state which suggested multiple approaches for a remedy to the unsafe condition. With considerations for cost and environmental impact, Fish and Boat will determine which plan will be used, a design will be made and the reconstruction will then begin. Total cost is expected to be under $5M. The amount of time this will take has not been determined but its completion is not expected for at least a few years.


FOMGL was formed shortly after the news got out that the lake was to be drained indefinitely. Through their efforts at raising public awareness, a very successful campaign was mounted to make it very clear to PA representatives that the supporters were very determined to do what was necessary to get the lake restored.


The group is asking people interested in helping reach the goal to visit their web site at http://meadowgroundsfriends.org/ and find out more about the project and make donations. They will have tax exempt status with the IRS established toward the end of this summer but tax deductible contributions can be made to the Fulton County Conservation District with a memo that it is to be used for the restoration of the lake. Raffle tickets are being sold by the board members and are available at Tickle Your Fancy Gifts and Tea directly across from the mural at Lincoln Way West, McConnellsburg.





Sons of American Legion and Friends of Meadow Grounds will be sponsoring an all vehicle ride. All proceeds to go to Friends of Meadow Ground to help bring our beautiful lake back to us.

                 June 14, 2014         

Registration starts at American Legion in McConnellsburg, PA at 12:00pm last vehicle out by 1:00pm and will end at Mountain House last car in by 3:00pm. Anyone wanting to participate in Dice Roll will have to pay an extra $5.00. The 5 highest combined numbers at end of ride will receive cash prize. The day of ride Please make checks payable to S.A.L. Post 561.

Prices              Motorcycles                            $10.00 driver  $10.00 passenger

                        Motor vehicles                        $20.00 a load

                        Dice Roll                                  $5.00 per person

Anyone wanting to make a donation can do it by mailing to P.O. Box 84, McConnellsburg, PA 17233 or thru www.meadowsgroundsfriends.org

All vehicles include cars, trucks, motorcycles, hot rods, show cars and ect…

This ride will be approximately 33 miles.

Start at American Legion parking lot. Go to stop sign turn right then proceed to next stop sign go straight at next stop sign turn right on 522 N go approximately 12 miles to Burnt Cabins. Turn right on to Griest Mill Rd. Griest Mill Rd turns into Fannettsburg Rd at stop sign turn right. Lake View Restaurant located on the left. Go left out of Lakeview parking lot back on 75 S go 12 miles to Fort Loudon then turn right onto 30 W. Go to top of mountain on the left is the Mountain House Bar and Grill. 



Here is where we are in the process:

The first phase of the restoration, the geotechnical study, was completed in October, 2013.  The cost of approximately $62,000 was paid by the PA Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC).  The report on that study is expected to be released by the end of March.

The second phase, the design, is expected to take approcimately a year.  The PFBC has allocated the $400,000 cost from their budget.  We will know more details as information from the geotechnical report becomes available.

The next phase is the actual repairs to the dam.  The cost is estimated around $4 million.  The funding will be a combination of money from the Capital Budget, the PFBC, and local funds.  Senator Eichelberger estimated $100,000 in local funds will be needed.  

The Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake will be implementing a fundraising campaign. We are in the planning and organizational stage now, because we are determined to do it right.  Details will be released in the next month.

We thank Senator John Eichelberger, Representative Jesse Topper, and Senator Richard Alloway for their efforts to secure the funding for the restoration of the lake.

Representative Jesse Topper (78th District) is joining Senator John Eichelberger at our February 24 Board of Directors meeting.  Come out and hear about the status of the restoration and the next steps going forward.  We are moving in the right direction!


On Monday, January 23, Conococheague Audubon presented Friends of Meadow Grounds Lake with a generous donation of $500 toward the restoration of the lake. Thank you, Conococheague Audubon!


The geotechnical study is well under way.  Core samples have been taken, and now we are just waiting for the report.  As soon as the report has been released, we will post more information on the results.  We expect the report due by January.


The Fulton Fall Folk Festival was an amazing success!  Our entire supply of Christmas ornaments sold out in 3 days, and people signed over 2500 post cards!  The best part for me was talking to old friends and meeting new people.  I loved hearing the many fascinating stories about the lake.


Excellent news!  The first steps in restoring Meadow Grounds Lake are happening!  In the meeting with the Fulton County Commissioners, the PA Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC), Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Fulton County Conservation District, and legislators (and their representatives), PFBC stated that they have allocated $80,000 for the geotechnical study, and have sent it out for bids.  This geotechnical study is the first major benchmark in the restoration process.  It is expected to take approximately 4-6 months.  The next step would be the design process, which is estimated to cost $400,000.  Funding has not yet been established for this second step, and we need to stay on our legislators to fund the design.

Thanking the PFBC for getting the ball rolling would be a nice idea as well.  Let's keep this train a-rollin'!